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School’s OUT!!!

The building is now as quiet as it was when I arrived on Saturday night. The 36 students who arrived Sunday and Monday for classes have written their exams, cleaned the dorm rooms and departed for their homes all over Ukraine and Belarus too.

From 9am to 1pm we studied leadership in the context of disciple-making. They also studied Christian History from 2-6 making a very full day.

Our objective was to focus on servant leadership as taught by Jesus in Matthew 20. 

We did that by examining leadership teachings of the last 50 years including White, Maxwell, Peter Drucker and others. Part of our focus was on team building instead of heirarchical supervision. We invested a half a day on why and how we should know our team, I taught MBTI as a tool for understanding.

But of course, I began by discussing the leader being connected to God in an ever deepening manner. They learned about the sailboat metaphor and meeting with fellow-disciples regularly, honestly and vulnerably.

I’m gratified as God blessed: in class, in conversations, and on the exams! 

So I’m almost packed. I promised Anna I’d rest the rest of today so I’m catching up here, to my email prayer team and the trip prayer update. 

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on a train to Kyiv, I’ve in the blue dot all week (Google still uses Russian spelling)…

…to spend the afternoon with a ministry partner. Then at 7am Sunday I fly to Budapest…

to preach and visit with partners and friends for 3 days before heading WAY down south.

There may be some more pics along the way.

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