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Reflections from first days in Ukraine

On nice mornings I’ve gone out for  a walk and at 6 am the streets sweeps are out in force. 

and folks are lined up to go somewhere… 


I’m just passing the half-way mark on the Ukraine leg of the trip. Having completed 3 of my 4 days of teaching, it looks like I’ll make it.
I’d forgotten about the energy you expend teaching 4 periods in a row. Then there’s the desk work: writing quizzes and grading them (I can’t seem to find the Scantron machine).

The students are awesome, there are 30-something of them packed into a decent sized classroom. Being translated adds a complete additional layer of attention needed to presentation.

Having a different translator each day has made me appreciate more than ever when you have a translator that you know is “with you.”

Jet-lag has been tougher than usual and the lack of sleep has added to my fatigue. But, thanks be to God, I’ve made it through and got a full night’s sleep last night. Man, it was great to wake up fully rested!

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