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Room with a view

On this warm spring Sunday the nearby playgrounds are full of the sounds of children playing. I’m in a residential neighborhood of (what we affectionately call) ‘commie condos.’ I’m staying in a room that is provided by Trinity Church and is actually in the building. The room includes everything I need: a bed (good and firm), my own bath, a place to stow my gear, and a desk for work. The desk faces the window. I have a room with a view.


a school to the right and apartment building left

I’m in Vinnytsia, Ukraine for a week teaching a course in a ministry school on leadership and disciple-making. The school is part of a local network of churches who are seeking to provide training for leaders and leaders to be. I’m told that tomorrow I’ll have a class of up to 40 whose ages will be from 22-50.

Our lessons (this part of the world doesn’t call them classes) will run straight through from 9-1. This will be the first time in 6 1/2 years that I’ve done this much teaching. 

Trust me they’ll get plenty of breaks.

Perhaps a classroom pic tomorrow.

BTW: My updated trip-prayer list is HERE, click, read, and pray!

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