Have you done your FOD walk today?

Ok, I’ve been here for 5 hours, sorry. And these three pix are from George, not Mossel Bay…

This is the view out the window as we flew along the Indian coast…

  I was in the aisle seat and took this with my new SE. I’m very impressed by this new iPhone camera: kingdomtravelin.com will benefit!

Next shot is one I Kakao’ed the family upon arrival in George. Kulula is an airline that works very hard at being hip. Note the paint job on this “chamo-plane” as was painted on the #1 engine nacelle…


Yes, we walk across the tarmac to the terminal here in the Western Cape. As I looked around,  this brought back memories of 40 years ago… The FOD barrel.

Foreign Object Damage is damage to a jet engine from junk on the tarmac (airplane parking lot). We used to do a FOD walk every morning before the first F-4d was started up. Looking for little bits of junk like screws and such that had fallen out of a truck, toolbox or, gasp, off an aircraft. We began each day checking for foreign objects that would do damage.

Huh, that’s just what each of us should begin our day with, Scripture, prayer and a FOD walk of the heart. Look for loose stuff and call out to God to fix. 

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