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I got this story from a fwd that came my way last week…

“WHEN SIR ERNEST Shackleton set out to sea in 1914, he did so with the ambitious goal of making the first land crossing of Antarctica…

But his ship, the Endurance, never even reached its base camp.  It became stuck in the icy waters for months and eventually sank.  Shackleton and his twenty-seven-member crew were stranded more than twelve hundred miles from civilization, drifting on ice floes in the terrifying cold with just three rickety lifeboats, a few tents, and limited provisions.

Eventually, they reached a small island and waited while Shackleton and a handful of men took one of the lifeboats eight hundred miles over tumultuous seas to a whaling station.  Shackleton returned with a rescue ship, and every man survived the eighteen-month ordeal.

How did he keep the hopes of his men from fizzling out…?

First, he modeled optimism.  Shackleton, who once described optimism as “true moral courage,” always believed he and his crew would survive, and his optimism was contagious.  He communicated that optimism to everyone around him.

Second, he nurtured his men’s sense of significance.  He kept everyone involved by seeking their opinions and by giving them tasks that made them feel like they were part of the solution.

Third, he encouraged them with humor and promoted a lighthearted atmosphere.  Shackleton recognized that under extreme pressure, the ability to lighten the mood neutralizes fear and enables a team to focus, reenergize, and prevail over daunting obstacles.  People might find it strange that one of the few items that Shackleton rescued from the sinking ship was a crewman’s banjo.  He did it so the group could have music.”[1]

This summer I read this quote: “pessimism kills faith” … these words have stuck with me and make so much sence when considering the promises of God for His people. It is incredible to consider the greatness of God and how God wishes to work through us. The potential of each person is amazing when we consider these words: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Phil 4:13)

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Brown and Vick on 60 Minutes

I just finished watching James Brown interview (like a principal with a 17 year old boy) Michael Vick. My initial thought is that we needed to see more of this interview. Soon (I guess after 60 minutes airs on the USA west coast), I hope 60 minutes is going to link the whole interview on the website. I hope they will put more of the interview on line.

I spent 16 years in high school work. I have seen the attitudes of young impressionable athletes. I hope EVERY coach will show this to and discuss this with his/her athletes, high school and college.

This interview shows a bit of insight into Vick’s upbringing and how that fed into his decision making. There should be NO sympathy for Vick for what he has done. But I think I saw on my TV screen tonight a man contrite (or perhaps he is simply well coached and CBS is just the first platform).

Sincere or not,  let all young men and women see this and be reminded that what we DO does matter. People are watching and being impacted by what we do, and don’t do… like the two cops who Vick saw as a kid… these two came upon a dog fight, saw what was happening and walked away… a HUGE message for a kid. What we let go MATTERS! Let that be heard in hallways, practice fields and principal’s offices. Learn from this! Please, before more student’s lives are ruined through an unwillingness to take action. Hold kids accountable for their actions now so they learn. Don’t enable out of control behavior by inaction.

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dry ground

I’ve been under the weather the last few days and have done only that which must be done. So, no blogging or twittering. This morning I feel on the mend and sit outside for the first time in a few days. I notice how dry thngs have become.
This has been a pretty wet and even sorta cool summer and the grass and flowers and trees grew like crazy. But as I look around the yard this morning, I notice that things are much dryer and not quite as green as they have been. Sweet Anna commented about a week ago that the grass is usually yellow by this time, but it was still green. But now, I see the yellow coming in parts of the lawn.
I’m not one to water a lawn because I have convictions about water usage. So if the yard dries up, the yard dries up. There is, after all a limit to the amount of fresh water on the planet.
In the yard there are these two planters of flowers that we do water. It is interesting to see the perk up when watered. For this purpose we have a watering can.
Followers of Jesus sometimes wilt. We sometimes dry up. When we dry up, we forget some basic things about our life of following Him. Sometimes drought (sp.) overcomes us. We make mistakes.
Because we do not use the watering can.
Let us bathe in the water of God’s word, enjoying a fresh understanding of His forgiveness, grace, and the resulting peace. God is not in the business of judging our faithlessness; He is in the business of loving and forgiving us. All we have to do is fill up the watering can and pour… fresh green leaves will be the result.

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great text to ponder

“So you, by the help of your God, return, hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually for your God.” – Hosea 12:6 (NLT)

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Filed under Uncategorized – new travel tool? (a MS venture) is being advertised on TV alot. I am working on my fall trip so I went to as usual and then to and bing is doing the same thing as kayak (checking all internet deals). The feature on TV is a price predictor. The price predictor has limitations when using for flights outside the USA. So, for those of us flying across big ponds, its value is no more than kayak. I’m stickin with kayak.

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some thoughts on extending the kingdom

I got an email from a dedicated leader who is working to extend the kingdom in his town. In this email he thought that the article he included was a good description of what they are up to. Indeed, it is a good description of what CEO and its partners are up to. Click here to read the article. I would be interested in your thoughts in a comment.

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