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This painting hangs in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. It is titled “The Floor Scrapes”, I call it mentoring. I’ve mentioned it on this blog before… a copy of it that the girls bought me in ’07 is on a bookshelf in my study/office… it reminds me of one of the most important things we do… working and walking alongside our fellow travelers… teaching while doing… note the guy in front … he is looking back at the guy to our right, I imagine that he is instructing as he is doing…

"The Floor Scrapers

"The Floor Scrapers

Showing how to travel the journey by walking beside our fellow is more effective than telling what to do. This was Jesus method… he came, he showed, he walked with, and… he still does… Are we abiding/dwelling with Him to get our due instruction? Are we walking beside and bringing others who need to see us following the Master?

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“Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker

Many, many moons ago I was a business student. I didn’t stay a business student; the math (not my strength) and detail of accounting did me in (it would seem I’m a big picture guy). But there was one author that I read while taking business classes who I really appreciated, Peter Drucker. Last week a friend who is doing an internship in Germany told me about an article that she read for a course she is taking that caused her to think of me (its nice to be thought of isn’t it?). She told me about the article from this author from long ago. The ideas herein are really worth your time. Click here for the PDF version of Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker as provided by the Harvard Business Review, January 2005.

I’ve included a couple of quotes in the comments to increase your interest.

(I just changed the link which had expired. – 2-24-16)


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The Big Mac

For quite a while I’ve followed with interest the Big Mac Index that is produced by the Economist (my weekly newpaper of choice).

Today there is a new approach and Budapest made the list…

Purchasing power: An alternative Big Mac index | The Economist

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what another friend is up to…

A friend of my up in PA has been working with a group of followers of Jesus to extend the Kingdom to their town and area… I visited him back after Easter and have been following his work for years… In fact, it was JR who suggested I begin blogging (so blame him)… The work they are doing has reached a watershed and he has written about it… I recommend it to you… click here

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what some of our friends are doing

I got this in an email from one of our friends in Europe. Clearly, this describes well what some of our friends are up to.

“Are we entering a new phase of Christian missions that can best be described as a web of relationships with local churches as part of the mix? I think something new is developing that is changing the face of Christian missions.

I am thinking particularly about the ministry entrepreneurs who have a special sense of calling and act on it. These are individuals or couples who have a calling to a specific type of ministry, the gifts to do it, the passion to sustain their work, and a willingness to devote their lives to make it happen.

My wife and I support some people who are ministry entrepreneurs. In addition to our gifts to the local church, CBF Global Missions, Central Seminary and the Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, we send monthly checks to three couples who are doing ministry with specific groups – two in the United States and one overseas. We do this for three reasons: we know the individuals involved, we value their ministry, and we affirm their ability to do it. This is Kingdom work, and we want to be part of it.

Some have suggested that this is a return to the old “society” approach to missions and have charged that this approach leads to splintering of support and rewards those with the most heart-rending stories. In reality, the society approach never really died in Baptist life in the south. Although churches have and do contribute to cooperative mission endeavors, both traditional and newer Baptist groups have supported special offerings for missions (Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, Global Missions, state missions), institutions (colleges, seminaries, adult and children’s homes) and organizations (American Bible Society, Gideons, Habitat for Humanity and so on).

What may be new are the methodologies involved. For one thing, all of the couples we support have some connection with a larger agency, but the agencies provide two primary things – administrative assistance and training. The agencies do not give financial support, and they only provide a broad ministry strategy, leaving the persons on the field the opportunity to exercise their gifts in local, tactical ministries.

Another new approach is the way that these couples communicate to their supporters. Reports and prayer requests come not only by snail mail but by digital means. We can know within a few minutes if there is a specific need, success or prayer concern. Supporters can have immediate, personal feedback from the field workers.

Another aspect is the post-denominational aspect of these ministries. Although these couples come out of specific faith communities, their support is found in churches and individuals from a number of faith traditions. These individuals and churches support the ministries because they are committed to Christian witness and not to a particular Christian witness.

Perhaps this also testifies that the locus of authority is moving from organizations to individual relationships. Trusting relationships are important when it comes to people making decisions about their investment of time, money and resources. Institutions are no longer trusted as they once were.

This way of doing missions can be a bit messy and may seem inefficient, but my friends who are doing it can testify to the ways that God is speaking through their work and changing the lives of individuals and communities. Not a bad way to measure success!”

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a u2 interview

I sure hope you guys outside the USA can watch this… (Laci, get a tissue, you’ll need it)

Opening segment: click here

“Music and social comment”

Just now NBC did a story on U2 from Zagreb… click here

Watch the NBC interview, click here

This interview was done after the second Zagreb show.

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