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the end of an era

We bought our mini-van in Jan of 1998. It has served us well. We hate to let it go. It still runs well. Since it was paid off, a trip to the garage every few months to fix this or that is all it has cost us. Never a major repair. I think we have never spent more than $1000 at one time on it.

It’s color (now peeling) is officially some sort of cranberry, but its shape and color named it ‘eggplant’ a long time ago. Eggplant has been as far south as South Carolina, as far north as Long Island, as far east as the tip of the outer banks and as far west as Louisville, Ky. It has over 202,ooo miles (which is not normal) and Sweet Anna says it got a sunburn, so it is peeling, the carpet has stains where Princess Irene spilled coffee and the right mirror is taped in place (thanks again to Princess Irene) and neither the left speakers nor the AC outlet work. Sometimes to get the electronics on the dash to work you have to bang just right on the top of the dash.

But Eggplant has hauled scores of people and hundreds of bags of luggage to and from airports (mainly Dulles) and moved the girls to and from colleges and apartments. It has been filled with bags of mulch, fertilizer and so forth and not a few times filled with flowers Sweet Anna has arranged for weddings. It has been filled with people, singing, reading, naps, arguing and even a kiss or two.

Eggplant has been so faithful. Rarely did it not start or get stuck. The heat and the air always worked great and it NEVER overheated. It keeps up with anyone on 81 or 64 and rides a smooth today as it did when we bought it in Jan of 1998.


Sweet Anna has always said she would drive it till it died. But now, we have decided to turn our old faithful friend in for the CARS program so that the Princess of Obuda can get a car for a more reasonable price. You see, the blue book on our faithful vehicle is $675.00 but with the CARS program we are getting $4,500.00 for it toward a fuel efficient car. So, Lord willing, the eggplant gets traded in today.

Oh, that we humans could be as faithful to each other as Eggplant has been to us.

“Farewell and well done, good and faithful servant.”


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