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“Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker

Many, many moons ago I was a business student. I didn’t stay a business student; the math (not my strength) and detail of accounting did me in (it would seem I’m a big picture guy). But there was one author that I read while taking business classes who I really appreciated, Peter Drucker. Last week a friend who is doing an internship in Germany told me about an article that she read for a course she is taking that caused her to think of me (its nice to be thought of isn’t it?). She told me about the article from this author from long ago. The ideas herein are really worth your time. Click here for the PDF version of Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker as provided by the Harvard Business Review, January 2005.

I’ve included a couple of quotes in the comments to increase your interest.

(I just changed the link which had expired. – 2-24-16)


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