dry ground

I’ve been under the weather the last few days and have done only that which must be done. So, no blogging or twittering. This morning I feel on the mend and sit outside for the first time in a few days. I notice how dry thngs have become.
This has been a pretty wet and even sorta cool summer and the grass and flowers and trees grew like crazy. But as I look around the yard this morning, I notice that things are much dryer and not quite as green as they have been. Sweet Anna commented about a week ago that the grass is usually yellow by this time, but it was still green. But now, I see the yellow coming in parts of the lawn.
I’m not one to water a lawn because I have convictions about water usage. So if the yard dries up, the yard dries up. There is, after all a limit to the amount of fresh water on the planet.
In the yard there are these two planters of flowers that we do water. It is interesting to see the perk up when watered. For this purpose we have a watering can.
Followers of Jesus sometimes wilt. We sometimes dry up. When we dry up, we forget some basic things about our life of following Him. Sometimes drought (sp.) overcomes us. We make mistakes.
Because we do not use the watering can.
Let us bathe in the water of God’s word, enjoying a fresh understanding of His forgiveness, grace, and the resulting peace. God is not in the business of judging our faithlessness; He is in the business of loving and forgiving us. All we have to do is fill up the watering can and pour… fresh green leaves will be the result.

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