Budapest to Szeged via Krakow

We had an interesting day on Thursday getting some rest and thinking about lessons for Szeged. Tom David and I went to the Roman ruins at Aquincum in northern Budapest. It was amazing. More to come about Roman Budapest in the weeks to come over on Kingdom Travelin. That afternoon six of us boarded an overnight train to Krakow, Poland. It was a meaningful trip. I think the kids are still processing the whole thing. After the trip to Auschwitz, some words they used during a debriefing session were “I understood forgiveness” and “I understood why they hate” and I saw the evil that man is capable of.” More on that later. After an EXHAUSTING day we were glad to get in our beds on the train. I slept 9 hours almost non-stop. Back in Budapest we cleaned up, finished packing and straightening where we had been living (didn’t we girls?) and had a cookout with the Newells. Then while Uncle Tom napped the kids picked BUCKETS of (sour) cherrys. Then we headed to my fav train station and rode the train to Szeged. We got everyone fairly settled in their quarters and then crashed once again *at least I did, whew)

Yesterday was a day of seeking the LORD and worshipping. We met and travelled out to Calvary Chapel of Szeged and were encouraged and challenged in church. Then a traditional Hungarian lunch of Guyas soup we went to the Synagogue of Szeged. We prayer walked the Synagogue after talking a bit about the Szeged ghetto. I was reminded that there were more Hungarian Jews killed at Auschwitz than any other group. I need to post about prayer walking… but not now. Then to learn about Szeged buses and ice cream. Pallank RULES!!!!! Next, to Deak where we prayer walked and sang and asked God to bless our week of camp with the kids. Then everyone was encouraged to get some rest and get ready for the big day today.

This morning we began early (0755) with more prayer and preparation of rooms. Then we began our day of meeting, evaluating the English of, and teaching the kids… It was REALLY hectic with this small team, but they did an amazing job. This team is really awesome. We had a debriefing session at lunch afterward and made some plans which I will save for the next post… thanks for praying… please keep it up!!!

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