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Lewis / Kennedy – well said

“November 22 seems to have been dedicated to JFK by default because of his untimely death. Lewis continues to be read and discussed and pondered in an ever-continuing stream of new books, in coffee shops and pubs and taverns and at conferences. The significance of Lewis’ contribution cannot be limited to one day a year.”

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Shadowlands – 20th year

The film based on a few years of C.S.Lewis’ life starring Anthony Hopkins as Lewis is twenty years old this year. Sadly, it is kinda hard to find… but I did find this. The video is a little milky and it has subtitles that are easy to ignore but when we put it on our big screen it was fine and good to watch again with family tonight. If you’ve not seen it, I hope you will enjoy it.


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C.S.Lewis at Westminster Abby

Yesterday and today, in Westminster Abby, Lewis was honoured and today a permanent reminder of his life and work were unveiled in Poet’s Corner.  @CSLewisDaily was there tweeting for the rest of us. You can see some of the Abby and even see parts of the program here ->

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BBC on C.S. Lewis

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50 years ago today

C. S. Lewis died (yes, same day as JFK and Huxley). Next Friday. on the 29th will be his 115th birthday.

Right now, I would say my favorite quote is “Aim at heaven, get earth thrown in. Aim at earth, get neither.”

Do you have a favorite quote?

Speaking of today and the three men’s death, Peter Kreeft wrote an interesting conversation between the three of them, _Between Heaven and Hell_. It is a very interesting and easy read (but – to me – with a less than satisfying ending).

Thanks be to God for the life, mind and pen of C. S. Lewis (yes, he used a pen and hired typists). No one outside of Scripture has helped me more.

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C.S.Lewis knowledge

Check out this 50 question quiz (with immediate answers). Click here to get started. I missed 3. My Narnia knowledge is not up to speed and who cares about Australian rock bands anyway. Let us know in comments if you beat me.


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