C.S.Lewis knowledge

Check out this 50 question quiz (with immediate answers). Click here to get started. I missed 3. My Narnia knowledge is not up to speed and who cares about Australian rock bands anyway. Let us know in comments if you beat me.


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2 responses to “C.S.Lewis knowledge

  1. Tory

    I missed 2 but some of that was pure luck. (Silverchair sounded most like a band and I liked Cedric in Harry Potter). The 2 I got wrong were the name inspiration behind Narnia and where he was buried; I said The Kilns. The only reason I got so many right was because of Alister McGrath’s biography on Lewis that I read fairly recently and another biography I’ve read in the past. (And Narnia because I have 3 kids so we’ve read it several times).

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