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Busyness: The Enemy of the Soul

those who have heard me talk about being busy will realize why I liked this post… Thanks to Pastor Nick for these helpful thoughts

Theology for the People

“How have you been?” “Busy!”
“Haven’t seen you much lately. What have you been up to?” “Oh, I’ve just been really busy.”
“We should really get together sometime.” “Yeah, I’d love to. Things are just really busy right now.”

We live in a culture that is chronically busy. Many of us, myself included, are busy doing a lot of really great things – but if we don’t watch out, our busyness with all these great things can destroy us.

What legacy will you have to show for all your running around?

Recently I’ve been listening to some audiobooks given to me by a friend. One of them is about how to get out of debt – a topic I’m very interested in. And what I see is that there is a parallel between how our culture handles money and time.

You see – because of technological developments of everything from…

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C.S.Lewis at Westminster Abby

Yesterday and today, in Westminster Abby, Lewis was honoured and today a permanent reminder of his life and work were unveiled in Poet’s Corner.  @CSLewisDaily was there tweeting for the rest of us. You can see some of the Abby and even see parts of the program here ->  https://twitter.com/CSLewisDaily/status/403865800362430464

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BBC on C.S. Lewis


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50 years ago today

C. S. Lewis died (yes, same day as JFK and Huxley). Next Friday. on the 29th will be his 115th birthday.

Right now, I would say my favorite quote is “Aim at heaven, get earth thrown in. Aim at earth, get neither.”

Do you have a favorite quote?

Speaking of today and the three men’s death, Peter Kreeft wrote an interesting conversation between the three of them, _Between Heaven and Hell_. It is a very interesting and easy read (but – to me – with a less than satisfying ending).

Thanks be to God for the life, mind and pen of C. S. Lewis (yes, he used a pen and hired typists). No one outside of Scripture has helped me more.

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