Shadowlands – 20th year

The film based on a few years of C.S.Lewis’ life starring Anthony Hopkins as Lewis is twenty years old this year. Sadly, it is kinda hard to find… but I did find this. The video is a little milky and it has subtitles that are easy to ignore but when we put it on our big screen it was fine and good to watch again with family tonight. If you’ve not seen it, I hope you will enjoy it.


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3 responses to “Shadowlands – 20th year

  1. Tory

    The last time I saw this was in my early 20’s with my best friend, who’s alos a C.S. Lewis fan. We really enjoyed it. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, so thanks for posting it. I’ll try to watch it later. I am curious as to what you thought of it in contrast to Alister McGrath’s biography on Lewis.
    Thanks for posting this video.

    • Tom Foley

      Tory, this film and McGrath’s book (which seems to be increasingly under fire by Lewis regulars) are apples and oranges. Since I used this movie for years in class as part of my intro to Lewis before reading and discussing _Mere Christianity_ I know the many inaccuracies in the movie but just don’t care. Its an awesome couple of hours.

  2. Tory

    I enjoy the film as well, and recently had a very interesting discussion regarding it with a friend. The discussion has made me want to re-read a few of Lewis’ works, as it has been many years since I’ve read some of them.

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