Have confidence…

So draw near, be a peace, find new life in Christ. Make time each morning to abide in Him and be reminded of this great truth! Then, as the day goes on, have confidence in Him.


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2 responses to “Have confidence…

  1. Hi Tom, thank you for the good reminder here again, it is a perspective to have each day. What do you think about the Ray Comfort’s ‘Way of the Master’ way of sharing the good news? https://www.livingwaters.com/why-christianity/ I see it more and more sound biblically, even if sometimes it sounds a bit harsh maybe in the steps of the convesations? Have a great day! And see you sooon! 🙂

    • Hey Peter, I am looking forward to see you guys again very soon! Thanks for passing along the link. But I think the approach, though we’ll meaning, and mostly theologicaly correct (I think he reduces the Law down to its smallest portion without saying so and I take issue with the way he characterizes the “law of sin and death”), I don’t think this line of reasoning would have convinced me of anything except to NOT have more conversations with him. Sound theology and biblical arguments that fall flat because we fail to take context into consideration. This might be a good lesson in a world religions apologetics class, but without a relational context, these are just arguments. Truth matters. We must preserve the truth. Every time Paul preaches in Acts, he presents the truth. But it’s always contextual. So, all due respect to the writer, I would not recommend this approach. I’d recommend Paul’s instead. Too harsh? Maybe.

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