a choice

When your baby (or a nearby baby)  keeps you up at night we get to choose our reaction. 

We can choose, in our sleep deprived condition to love and care and pray. Choose. To. Pray.

Choose to care.

Choose to love.


We can choose to complain and be frustrated and risk slipping into bitterness against those we should be caring for and loving… and even a developing bitterness against even God. 

Choose not to have a complaining spirit. Rather, choose to care for and love and pray for those crying babes wether they be 6 months, 6 years or 6 decades.

Don’t judge those don’t measure up to YOUR standard. 

Rather, pray FOR them to submit joyfully to the will of the Father.


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2 responses to “a choice

  1. Eric Goetz

    Good one T. Sort of along the line of where we let our expectations fall: either on people (😩) or on God (😄).


    • Eric, Thanks and Tom, you too of course.
      “Growing up …” in this area, for all of us in one way or another (various levels), can stink of spiritual pride. It has in me so often. God is faithful to point out both the ugliness of this sin and also His immense attached patience and mercy towards me and others.

      It does boil down to choice and focus: upon what and who will I fix my gaze, when I see, hear, or in some fashion become inconvenienced or offended. “Great peace have they that love thy law and NOTHING shall offend them.” (Ps. 119:165) Great challenge – far beyond us except for great grace from the Only Wise God – Jesus Christ!

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