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Habana’s cars

Cuba is famous for its old cars. This old Lada Moskvitch [thx to Gabor for the correction in comment – it turned out there were as many of this manufacturer as the old Lada] was the first pic I took after we finally got out of the airport. Wow. Communist beurocratic systems are alive and well here!

Note the old rides in front of Jose Martis airport.

 And this one…  
Then to a late lunch…

Mediterranean style octopus.

Later we met with the leader of an evangelical seminary that has 300+ students. Gained a great understanding of things spiritual here. 

Jesus’ followers are alive and thriving in Cuba!

More later…



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To Cuba! Please pray!

So our doctoral study group is headed to Cuba …


We’re going to visit ministry sites!

BUT there seem to be issues with our visas to get in, so as things are sorted out here in Miami, please pray!!! 

We’re boarding!!! Off we go!!!

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