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The final view from Havana was…

Note the name of the Habana airport, ‘José Martí,’ in the background.

An interesting final view as I walk to the plane.

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Cuba travel

(This post was begun during travel but just posted because Internet was near impossible to find in the capital or in the country.)

So we’ve been hearing from different kinds of leaders since arrival. It’s been enlightening to hear how the church has developed since the revolution.

As I write this post I’ve not had internet since Thursday night except for a couple of moments yesterday which were so sporadic that nothing got through.

I’m writing from the back of a big van and we’re a half hour into a four hour journey to a smaller city.  

This was not my favorite mode of transport. But we got around safe and mostly sound – if worn out from the bumpy road.

After the trip the guys couldn’t decide if I was praying for it or cursing it.

This post is about my observations and comparing what I’ve seen to other (former) communist countries.

Right now we’re on an old multi-lane highway that reminds me of the road between Vinnytsia and Ztomyr and the road is just as bumpy. As we were leaving Habana there were people standing along the side of the road holding out money in search of a ride. Others were standing and selling fruit. We went by a bus stop where people stood under large concrete structures that would have been as recognizable in Ukraine as here.

The influence of the former Soviet benefactor on infrastructure is evident, but today is collapsing. In the post below I have posted some select pix.

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Images from Cuba


‘Socialism or die’ was a regular cry but today that message, like this propaganda poster, is fading.


Buildings which are struggling to stand in use.


Cars nearing 65 years of age serve as taxis that run regular routes in Havana as well as private cars.

Taxis are also powered by men who travel around the city on these tricycles.

The drivers are not all young!


As I was there while Obama was present I was able to see the Cuban reaction first hand. As Castro and Obama had their joint press conference, people crowded around TVs.

Like the US Capital dome, the Cuban State House dome is undergoing a renewal.  


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