Birthplace of Christ, celebrating the Incarnation

In May of this year I was in Bethlehem for a conference. It was interesting to walk through the market.


But residents of Bethlehem have to go through these stalls to get to security to get into Israel.


This was the most memorable art on the wall. Note the flak jacket. There was little peace in Bethlehem today as it has been a center of the most recent fighting between Palestinians and the Israelis. READ 


There is something significant to this struggle. The Son of God came to bring peace between humans and God – the Prince of Peace. 

God sent His Son to be the savior of the world, you know the story. 

May God work in the hearts of leaders to bring justice to all the peoples in the land where Jesus was born and lived and died and rose again having completed His work.

May the Peace of Christ envelope your heart and life this Christmas.

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