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some new year thoughts

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!

As you think about the new year on Friday, here’s hoping you will take the opportunity to begin afresh some disciplines to deepen you knowledge of and walk with God.

Make some time to sit and soak in the Bible each day. The same spot at about the same time each day is really helpful. A reading plan can keep you on track. I read this one.

If you’ve not read it, Timothy Keller’s book would be great non-Bible reading to start the year. LEARN MORE and order.


If you’re like me and like to think back and look forward, you might find sitting down for an hour or so to be a helpful exercise that will get you focused on the year to come. Here is a helpful tool for that.


Click HERE

May your new year be one of peace from grace.

And ask yourself some honest questions. Am I sailing? CLICK HERE


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