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In recent weeks I have read and heard so much about the conflict with Islam. I am convinced of only one thing.  

Many words are written and read, consumed and debated. And much of that is based on a cursory understanding of the religion.

To oversimplify Islam to fit one’s political argument, irregardless of said argument is wrong.

It misrepresents the religion and its creates a failed argument.

Don’t allow experience, yours or those of your friends or your nation, to superceed understanding that comes from actually learning about this religion. 

It, like Christianity, is a very complicated religion with many streams of thought. 

Learn carefully, from various sources of scholarship or leave the conversations. 

Political rantings by politicians (neither Trump nor Obama represent it accurately) or by zealots on Facebook help no one. These are best ignored.

Learn first, think second, ask questions third and speak last, if at all.

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