whose people?

It’s Friday, we’re gonna make this early and short!

I read an article from a leader who talked about walking around the office and talking to his people. His people? That got me to thinking. As I thought about it, I began to see that the idea of talking about “my guys” is a way that I am endearing me in my own head to them. But, what am I really saying? Am I not giving my self credit that I don’t deserve? This is a top-down way of thinking. Is that a biblical way of thinking in the Kingdom of God? Maybe. Maybe not.

I once visited a school which had huge morale problems. The problems began at the top, the head principal had been rejected by the faculty in a vote (don’t ask) and his tenure began under a cloud. He kept his door closed most of the time. This was a government school, he was not a follower of Jesus. But I think his approach should be instructive to those of us who are followers of Jesus, who He has made into leaders. This guy cared about his power and his mission, not his people. He didn’t have any people. He had no relationships with the people with whom he served. He certainly didn’t have their respect. Because he had no relationships.

Do you cultivate relationships with your people? How ’bout God’s people… among whom you are?


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3 responses to “whose people?

  1. I like being your people. I happen to have a few hundred people (a.k.a. “kids”) of my own at school, in addition to my two people at home. To me, it’s a matter of belonging, and I like the idea of people belonging to each other.

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