update from a comment

The bulk of this post originated from a comment that I wrote as a reply to a comment that I KNEW was coming,  and had been waiting for.

That comment was removed not because it had inappropriate content but because it contained a name that is not part of this greater conversation and would distract from said greater conversation (indeed a name might let the rest of us off the hook… we might think… oh, this is about HER… NO, it’s about all of us!).

On Tuesday I wrote to encourage a friend and those who honor him.

Beginning Wednesday I was moved to write about some leadership issues that I see everywhere I go (the railroad is in Hungary by the way). I am not thinking about any one leader or organization. These observations are not pointed to one spot. Indeed they are intended for all my readers who, on most days, the majority of whom are not even in the US.

As I visit and pray for many leaders in many countries and seek to encourage and help them, their hearts and stories are being used by the Spirit to help me write these challenges to affect a greater readership.

While some readers may feel (or hope) I am targeting a single place, please believe me, I am not. There are many schools and churches and organizations that have given this old brain pause and thought.

Having said all that, if the shoe fits, wear it. I sure do. And I am praying about what are the many ways that God needs to change me. We are all in need of self evaluation. Go consider the words of Paul in 1 Cor 11.  My hope is not to effect change or change minds (let alone hearts)… that’s God’s job.

But, if I can make you think and ponder and then abide in Him, I have done my job.


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2 responses to “update from a comment

  1. Being such a traveller helps you a lot to get greater picture,,, while we being so resident tend to fulfill His Great Commission this way, which is kind of imposible,,,, and of course it does speak to each of us like it was meant only for us :),,,,Let’s try to stay mobile I would say and encourage and support spiritual iniciative…love from Subo!!!!

  2. well, nice post, thanks for share

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