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will spring ever come? (Includes new travel rule!)

I’ve not posted in a while. If you follow this blog, you may have said,when you were notified, “Whoa, he hasn’t posted for a while.”

Like many things during busy times, blogging has been set aside. Not that I don’t value our communication, I do. But, on this trip, using the Internet is not as easy, nor as pressing, as in past.

There have been few new places that made me stop and take a picture… wait, here’s one…


These are my fellow travelers as we leave the train to board a bus for part of our journey. This is the third time on this trip that track work has caused the train to be replaced by a bus for a segment of the journey. Here’s a view from our train-bus waiting for a train, (ironic?)…



So, I kinda shifted into minimalist Internet mode due to availability. One important update is my acquisition of a new phone in Hungary that has a data plan. I got it a couple of weeks ago. However, working in a limited plan takes getting used to, so again, blogging got put in the back seat (trunk?).

There is another reason that I’ve not blogged much, I’ve been writing and rewriting. You see, I have a story that I’ve been working on for a decade, its about sandwiches. The first draft…


Due to urgings and circumstances, I have new motivation. So creative energy that would go here has gone there.

I guess the final reason that I’ve not posted is that it seems winter here in Central Europe just will not give up! Will spring ever come? Even as I write, I look out the window and lo and behold, a-yet-to-melt snow drift!!! Which urges me to post a snow pic…


That was the view behind our building from the steps. It was the view for a good while since it gets no sun. Sun? What’s that?

A Budapest newspaper ran a warning article last Sunday. They were warning people that when they looked in the sky on Monday there would be a bright light, “Do not fear! It is the sun.” You remember the sun? The sky was a different color too: blue. Amazing. I noticed an improvement in my attitude.

Speaking of attitude, what a lame, whining, excuse ridden post this has been, huh? If I were you, I’d unsubscribe or unfriend or something. Who needs it?

It should improve when spring finally comes. Which begs the question, will spring ever come?

Written from a bumpy, swaying bus, this one…


Until we got back on a train…


in Hungary…

posted?…  well… I’m not sure when or where this will hit the web.

So, for the travel rule… (is there a rule about wearing layers instead of a heavy coat? There should be… someone should talk to me about that. ) Anyway, here’s the new travel rule:

If you are on a train that stops and they tell you to get off and get on one of those busses, GO to the front bus in the line. These days this happens a fair bit due to the need to refurbish the tracks. There will be several busses to accommodate all the passengers. The front bus will get to the train station first and give you the best choice of seat on the next train. Also, since many people will jump on the first bus they come to, you can get a better seat on the front bus than those closest to the station.

This rule is yet to be numbered.

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