Ukraine Election

On Sunday the 17th of Jan Ukrainians will go to the polls (probably in underwhelming numbers – cuz they are sick of the corruption) to elect a new president.
Five years ago the Orange Revolution captured to imagination and fueled the hopes of something more that half of Ukraine and many of us who love Ukrainians.
That election got a lot more press and when it appeared to be messed up, their high court was involved (sound familiar?) and then there was a new president who leaned toward “the West.”
He and his Prime Minister (who is running for prez) were in and out of love politically and she would snuggle (again I speak politically not literally) up to the prez, and then the guy he beat, and sometimes it seemed she was snuggling with Putin… its such a stinking mess.
So, as I talk to my friends from time to time, they seem to be pretty disinterested. read more
Here’s what I said in a tweet earlier today:

“Pray for Ukraine elections tomorrow: for fairness, for a clear winner, for peace and justice to result for the people”

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