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a broken attitude

We are in the midst of another crisis where thousands are dead. Hundreds of millions of dollars will rush into NGOs around the world. Governments will commit vast resources to the tragedy. Christians will mobilize like they haven’t in years and the great cry will be for the poor of the land. All of it rightly so.

We need to care about Haiti, PRAY for Haiti, Donate wisely to Haiti. Donate to where there will be targeted, local, long range help for Haiti.

BUT, why is it that we wait for the big event to care? Why do we hardly even glance at the poor, the tragic places and their peoples until something like this happens and then suddenly, “oh no, woe is me, this is horrible, what can we do?” My question: where was the compassion last week?

And of course there will be the inevitable God discussion: one side against the other. “Oh, why did God do this?” or “Oh, why did God let this happen?” or “Oh, what has God done?” and another will say “Well if that is your God, who does this kind of thing, I want nothing to do with him.” All of which demonstrate a limited view of God and even of reality itself.

What about next month, when the dust settles? Where will the attention be then? What images will tug at our hearts as we watch our 48inch HD TV? Why do we wait for the event that gets everybody talking? Why don’t we care about the oppressed every day? Why can’t we develop hearts to work for justice all the time over all the world? Why?

Okay, you can’t answer for the entire human race. So just answer for yourself. Then do something that lasts. Then keep doing it. Governments can’t change the world, but you can, if you will care, if we will sacrifice, if we will think and do, we can make a difference. If you are a follower of Jesus, this is what you are called to! So years from now, as you change your thinking and care regularly about the whole world, and you look back, let the tragedy in Haiti, let today be the day you change your thinking and your broken attitude and decided to change the world. It is simply your calling, so do it.

So, let’s get past our broken attitudes and care about the whole world every day.


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