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most read posts from 2009

WordPress (the host of this blog) has good apps. One of which enables me to find out which of my 2009 posts was the most read, here are the top five ranked by the number of hits:

Coming in at #5 is the film I made last summer after attending a funeral for over 500 victims of the massacre in Bosni, the post is titled Srebrenica Film and was viewed 53 times.

The #4 post was the early February announcement, to my colleagues, of the end of my sixteen year teaching career in out of the boat which had 64 readings.

The heartbreaking story of a sick child of a friend came in next most read, it is a story of Peace from Grace had 69 hits.

The #2 post in numbers of hits was driven, I would guess, by the presence of U2 in the title, it had 83 hits: U2 in DC

All of the posts except for #1 were under 100 views, but the most read post of 2009 had 226 views, it was when i got wind that U2 was coming and rushed to my computer to be among the first to log about the event: NEWS FLASH!!! U2 is coming to the ‘ville

The thing that the stats cannot give me is which were the best posts of 2009. Well, I guess we will just have to wonder about that.

FOOTNOTE: When considering the most read posts of all time (meaning the life of kingdomtravelin there is only one change… the #2 spot goes to a post I wrote explaining the plight of people who are depending on the dollar in Hungary… I described the real cost of the falling dollar in light of inflation… that post has 93 hits since it first went up and interestingly gets the occasional hit from time to time. Click here to revisit the all time Kingdomtravelin #2 post.

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