short memory

as a person who thinks about injustice and doing something about it all the time… its kinda my job now, ya know?… I am pretty skeptical of the former prez Clinton and W to the White House today. They are joining up with the USA’s current prez to figure out ways to get Americans to pony up with donations for Haiti… NOTHING wrong with that… that’s awesome… but what about AIDS victims in Africa? and the orphans that result from it… DONT misunderstand, we need to help Haiti… NOW

But we (Americans) are so A-D-D (please don’t be offended) that – generally speaking – we forget tragedy as soon as the TV news decides it’s no longer worthy of sending Al Roker down there… see I am afraid that Americans are the way they are (short memories) because they are SO DEPENDANT on those who are making the decisions and driving the news… It’s like Pat Robertson’s nonsense comment (I’ll devote another post to that pretty soon)… who would have noticed without media attention? CAN WE FIGURE OUT HOW TO learn about what’s going on in the world and not depend on what some managing editor decides is important to us? CAN WE GET INVOLVED in understanding whats going on in the world all the time? CAN WE care about Haiti longer than we did the tsunamis? What about all the millions of kids who are SUFFERING around the world ALL THE BLASTED TIME? When will America live up to its potential and give a crap about the needs of people because they are people and God cares about them and then so should we and not just when there is a stinking crisis? WHEN? When we take our eyes off ourselves, that’s when.  OH, Europeans, are you really any better?

Meanwhile, pray for Haiti, pray for the people who are there, trying to help, the people trying to get there to help, and for the US military who are trying to get that stuff to happen. Pray that people would care past the stinking news cycle. A good place to get involved is here

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