you have, I have

Isn’t it funny how competitive we are? When I was a teenager it was Ford or Chevy (I drove a Ford). Now it’s what phone you have, or are you a Mac or a PC? Which football team do you follow (this one works no matter which football you think I am talking about). What is it about our psyche or personality or whatever makes us so competitive? Is it just a male thing (are the female readers nodding right now?)? Well, that’s my pondering for the morning…


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7 responses to “you have, I have

  1. no, it wasn’t a Model T…

  2. karen tarbell

    No, women do it too, but with a different focus (i.e., clothes, boyfriends, cooking). I think it’s an outcome of our culture being fixated on so-called “success”. Kids are conditioned from a very young age to compete against their peers in school, sports, and appearance. So the question is, how do we as people of faith counterbalance that message to our kids?

  3. Lori

    this female is shaking her head yes in agreement with you. It’s a very competitive world today! (I have a desktop, you have a ‘notebook’)

  4. joanna

    yes we nod but our is.. is it gucci or prada.. is it gap or old navy.. is it cashmere or wool…is it pampered chef or cusineart

  5. Arden

    Would it surprise you that I don’t care at all and don’t compete as these others say women do?

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