Meals and hope

The meals keep being cooked, packaged, and taken to hard hit places along the northern, eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.

Our partners continue to work around the clock to care for hungry people but also to give them hope.

This great endeavor to feed those in danger zones has brought substantial meals to communities from Zhtomyer to Kyiv up to Chernihiv, over to Kharkiv all the way down and around to Dnipropetrovsk and Mykolyiv.

This is a work of love. These partners are the hands and feet of God bringing hope to people caught in a seemingly hopeless situation.

With God there is always hope.

Below is a photo of a dear brother who was sharing that hope in God in conversation with a person who had received food.

We are so grateful to partner with these faithful servants of God. As the war begins its ninth week, they continue to serve. We continue to send essential funds daily to enable them to continue to serve hungry and displaced Ukrainians. Thank you who have given to join us in this great endeavor.

Here’s results of how our partnership is helping:

Total meals cooked, sealed and delivered to hard hit and often dangerous communities inside Ukraine: 60,758.

Number of persons receiving some level of temporary housing at our partner camp: 7129

Persons who pass through this week and find food and temporary accommodation for a night this week from Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv: per night average 120.

We’re committed to long term help. To date every dime donated has gone to Ukraine. We thank God that, thus far, we are able to pay all bank fees and administrative costs from our general fund.

Please continue to pray for Ukraine, for peace, for our partners to have strength when air raids keep them up much of the night, for us to continue to be able to send them funds.

Thank you for giving.


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  1. Love the detailed update. Thanks!

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