3,959 meals – THANKS BE TO GOD!

Greetings from rainy Budapest y’all. The score is jet lag 2 Tom 0. 🤷🏼 But, it’s okay, I learned long ago how to use the time and cope.

After an awesome day of rest and recreation with Anna doing some shopping for groceries and such, this was the view from the balcony of our lodgings (sometimes you don’t know how badly you need a break until you get one and feel better)…

When I contemplate this view, I think of the awesome creation (sky) and the awesomeness of the potential of man (beauty in architecture). And that leads me to today’s MINISTRY UPDATE:

You saw the number! 3959 meals went out today. How great is the awesomeness of the work of God through his image bearers?

I also got to preview some videos that I hope to share soon. I was literally brought to tears of joy while watching the gratitude of people receiving meals. I plan (rule 1) to show that to you tomorrow.

MANY, Many thanks to God for using you and folks like you who continue to give to help us help them. Glory to God y’all!

Please keep praying. A meeting a few minutes ago was stopped by an air raid on the other end of the call. Please pray that our funding system continues to hold. Please pray for sleep, you learn the preciousness of it when you can’t.

Thank you for staying informed. Thank you for giving.

If you have yet to join the giving throng, here’s the info:

GIVE: http://www.ceokids.org/give

Remember, a meal cost $3 and EVERY PENNY goes to Ukraine.

Thank you.

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