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Firefighters in the Aftermath

This morning, somewhere (probably Belarus), a soldier entered coordinates, turned the launch key and pushed a button and eight missiles launched. Moments later they struck their target, the airport in Vinnytsia.

The firefighters responded. I just received a video of them working through the rubble of a building where there were 4 persons injured and one airport worker lost their life.

Since I received this video, I’ve thought a lot about the role of rescue workers in Ukraine in this war, any war.

Rescue worker search the rubble at the Vinnytsia airport. They are waiting for their colleague to cut through something in search of survivors.

There’s a lot to pray for in this war. Right now I’m praying for the rescue workers.

Meanwhile, in the city, about 5 miles to the west, they’ve been hunkered down during almost multiple air raid alarms, the latest lasting over two hours.

Anna, one of our partners there, tells me that when the sirens begin, her not quite 2 year old tells her “It’s time to go home, Mommy.”

May God close the skies to the Russian aircraft and projectiles.

May Western leaders have wisdom and courage.

Please pray.

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War day 11 – Vinnytsia airport struck (updated)

On a call at 6:30 this morning, I learned that the internally displaced population coming to shelter in Vinnytsia has gone from 11k persons to 25k persons since Friday. Our partners are helping a ever growing number of them.

Thanks be to God, only the airport (just east of city limits) has been struck in Vinnytsia thus far. This provides a haven for those who wish to remain in their country. Yet the airport attack is a call to increase our prayers. Below are a couple of bits from the Telegram news feed.

Days ago our partners were fortifying the windows to the church basement where a growing number of people are sheltering.

Thanks for staying informed.

Thank you for praying.

Thank you for giving.

Thanks be to God for his care and provision.

We are never alone! He is faithful.

Glory to God alone who is our strength and is using his people!

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