Food and Shelter

About 60 folks made their way from Mykolyiv and Chernigov to the camp today where they found hot meals and warm beds as they consider their next steps.

We’re so thankful that 20+ years ago God planned and executed His glorious will. He used CEO to help these awesome partners purchase this facility. We are grateful to be part of the great work of the Lord that today is meeting important needs. Thanks be to God.

Tomorrow over 2000 meals will go to shelters in the zones still under attack. I am so grateful to God for the ability to help.

I am so grateful for those who pray, please renew your prayers. Last night was a noisy night as air raid sirens pierced the night. Please pray for a quiet night. Pray the Ukrainian air defense strikes down the missiles of the enemy. Pray the electronics of the missiles fail so that they do not launch. May God help those who suffer through endless hours hunkered down.

Thank you for giving. You have helped our partners send thousands and thousands of meals to feed hungry folks in those shelters. In the last 14 days over 18,000 meals have been provided. Glory to God!

Please give. $30 will fund 10 meals.

Thank you.

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