Not JUST meals…

So a family got out of Mariopil (aka Mariopol, Mariupol) and wound up at our partner camp. As they were being cared for by our partners, it was discerned that this family didn’t want to flee the country.

A not quite finished house in a nearby village was available. Thanks be to God.

Our partners are finishing the house by putting up doors and windows. They bought a fridge, a washing machine, a microwave and a few other essentials. Glory to God!

This family, who has endured horrors, is warm and fed at the camp while our partners prepare a home for them for the duration.

How awesome is God?

Glory to God y’all!!!

Please keep praying.

Pray for quiet nights with no air raids, for peace, for healing.

Thank you for helping us these faithful servants of God.


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