a relatively quiet day

From 3:30 am until the early afternoon there was quiet in our partner’s part of the country. No air raid sirens are a wonderful thing. Let’s all learn to cultivate gratitude for quiet, for water, for food, shelter, even warmth.

An unverified report indicates that enemy forces sent a record 70 cruise missiles aimed at many cities. Only eight reached their target. Pray that missile electronics will fail. Pray that Ukrainian air defense will continue to destroy these weapons before they do harm.

For whatever reason the delivery vehicles could not get out of the hot zones to pick up food this morning. This is not unusual. It is a war after all. 1,812 meals are ready to send and more are being prepared as you read.

Pray for these diligent servants of God who have committed themselves to preparing and sending mead to the front lines where civilians are sheltering with little to eat.

Thank you for praying.

Thank you for giving.

GIVE: http://www.ceokids.org/give

100% of every dollar (of which it takes 3 to cook, package and send a meal) goes to aid our partners. ZERO cents stay here for admin costs.


Thank you.

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