Urgent plea for renewed prayer (updated 15:03)

Cities across Ukraine continue to suffer attacks.


“Oh God, who is unshakable, be their solid rock as the walls around them are shaking. Protect those first responders who are running to the area directly struck by the enemy’s attack. Protect our friends who courageously continue to serve even though their city has been rocketed. In the name of Jesus, who is our solid rock.”

<updated> After a night of many air raid sirens, the early part of the day found our partners continue their diligence. They loaded the meals packed overnight into vans and cars to deliver to places like Kyiv and Kharkiv. Our Coordinator dutifully went to the bank to receive the day’s funds from CEO to distribute to partners who oversee and purchase food to be prepared and distributed for the coming weekend.

Later in the day repeated air raids drove the population indoors

Then at 4:30pm Ukraine time (10:30am Eastern), several explosions shook the walls of their building.

U. S. News recently reported, per the Ukrainian military, that several cruise missiles were aimed at the city. Local military officials indicate that, thanks be to God, several of the rockets were successfully shot down before reaching the city. Official casualty and damage reports are being withheld until there is confirmation.

Pray that God, our solid rock, protects, comforts and helps them. Pray for the children.

I am astounded by the courage of our partners. Please pray for them as they cook, pack and send food to those who are hunkered down in many other cities and villages. May God bless these courageous servants of God as they keep the food flowing. May God be glorified.

Please, please PRAY.

Please give to support these heroic servants of God who work to care for others.


<this post was earlier modified to minimize information per official mandate until now as press have reported the attack.>


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