Light for wisdom

Last summer

I love to hike in the woods near our home. I love the way the path and the surrounding woods look different at different times of year, partially because of the different angles of the sun. This is also true for hiking at different times of day. The light changes everything.

Hopefully today!

The light has come.

In a series on wisdom a preacher noted that attaining wisdom is walking a path, it is not like going through a door.

As we are thinking about the light, and being the light, I want to apply that illustration to understand how the light gives us wisdom.

Imagine I were hiking at night. I would have to have a fancy headlamp, that seems to be so popular today, to see my way along the path. The light on my forehead would help me stay on the path. As I walk the path more and more, I know it better and better and can more easily make decisions about stepping on rocks, fallen tree trunks or over them.

Ephesians uses walking as well as any book of the Bible. The longer we walk with Jesus on the path, the wiser his light makes us and thus we can be a brighter light for others on the path.

Keep your glass clean, the light bright, and walk on!

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  1. “The light changes everything.”
    What a great reminder!

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