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An effect of the light…

We’ve said that Epiphany is the season of light to the world. Jesus IS the light to the world. As he lights us, we are his lights to the part of the world immediately around us.

But if I’m going to be an effective light to others, I must allow the light to probe into my darkness. Make no mistake, even though the light is IN me, there are still corners of darkness. (Paul describes it as the inners battle between the flesh and the spirit.)

The first commandments remind us not to have other Gods, yet Calvin says we are idol factories. What are your idols? In a helpful book about work, Keller says:

Money and power certainly top the list. But remember that an idol is a good thing that we make into an ultimate thing.*

To engage in the battle mentioned above each morning I remind myself of the gospel in two ways:

1. I remind myself of the 10 commands (thank you Dr. Martin).

2. I run to the throne of Grace and plead for help because I know that I am a wretched man.

Remind, confess, beg for help.

Receive his help.


Slowly, he changes me and help me be more and more free from the idols that I so love. Slowly he turns my light up so that others may see.

Thanks be to God!


*Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work by Timothy Keller

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