The Incarnation

When the son of God obeyed the plan of the Father he left glory and came to earth in the form of a humble, helpless baby.

Today, this 10th day of Christmas (like the leaping lord’s perhaps?), I want to rejoice in the immediate effect of His coming for me (and maybe you). To do so I wish to paraphrase the end of Romans seven in the beginning of Romans eight.What follows is, for me, a reminder of my state and how I got here.

*Oh wretched man I am, who can rescue me, will rescue me from myself, from this body of death?

But thanks be to God, for the Lord Jesus Christ, the plan of God Almighty, the Father, who sent the Son, the Incarnate One, to rescue me.

Now, in Christ, I am no longer condemned, I am free to love, free to serve, and free from shame.

Glory to God in the highest!

How vast the Father’s love for us.


* This is a prayer I use in my daily time of confession following my meditation on the 10 Commandments. Credit to M. Luther for the idea.

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