Being at home (5) Your day – practical

In the last post, I urged readers to go read Curt Thompson’s article that speaks to where we are these days.

He includes some very practical tips at the end. I really resonated with them. Here’s a taste…

  1. Begin each day by immersing yourself in Scripture, prayer and worship. With your usual routines of work, school and relationships being disrupted, it will be easy for the activity of your own, isolated mind to be that which you pay the most attention to. When that happens, anxiety and rumination are free to do their thing. Instead, allow this to be a time in which you give God even more opportunity that usual to have access to your heart and mind.
  2. Practice, especially, reflective/contemplative habits. As part of the beginning of your day, include time for meditation prayer and/or simple exercises that you can find here Take three minutes at least three times each day to breathe slowly.
  3. Call or video chat with at least 2 to 3 others whom you love each day. If possible, call different people each day. These can be helpful and effective even if brief.
  4. Inquire how others are feeling; but be sure to tell them your genuine feelings as well. It will be easy to ask others, but perhaps less so for us to tell others what we feel. One of the ways we give others a sense of purpose is by giving them the opportunity to comfort us.

If you didn’t see the previous post, you go to the full article, “Love and Lament in March Madness”, HERE

I’d love to see your favorite quotes in the comments!

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