Being at home (4): Curt Thompson “on this historic season”

I’ve read quite a bit of advice, counsel, etc. in the last days. But none better than “Love and Lament in March Madness” by Curt Thompson.

I asked Pastor Bill Copeland to write a recommendation. He said:

“In the midst of being flooded with everybody’s thoughts and opinions about the current situation we all find ourselves in, it is encouraging to read Thompson’s pointed, pragmatic and Biblical perspective on this historic season.”

Thompson helps us look in and look forward. Take a few minutes and take it in … click here

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One response to “Being at home (4): Curt Thompson “on this historic season”

  1. If there’s one thing I remember about Thompson’s books is that we ought to “pay attention”. Here Thompson directs us to what (who) we should pay attention to in this unique period of uncertainty. He then proceeds to give us a practical list of things to do that if applied, I believe, will move us closer to our Master. This is both theoretical and practical, deep and accessible. Take ten minutes to read, then reread, then pay attention.

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