Bible Reading

To sit each morning and read and hear God’s voice through His inspired word has several purposes: to know God better, to be changed by the words of God and to live a life that gives him glory because our thinking has changed as we read. We must be sure that we are reading enough, too many people read far too little. These days I turn on the recorded reading of the Bible on my Bible app and listen as I read along. This slows me down and the practice allows my brain to receive through two, not just one, of my senses. I use a reading plan for my morning reading. Because if left to my own choices, I would read too narrowly, and it is helpful to grow from the whole Bible. The YouVersion Bible app has many helpful plans and many translations. I use this and listen to the audio version of the Bible and read along more slowly than a normal reading pace. Bible reading should not be confused with Bible Study which is next.

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