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Bible Memorization


When I was a high school Bible teacher, I had my students memorize Romans chapter twelve. Week after week they would be allowed five minutes to sit and study the verse of the week so that when called upon, they could write out that verse from memory. To constantly focus on a passage and then to be able to recall that verse when least expected is a joyous thing. Some of the texts listed in “Praying Scripture” would be helpful verses to have memorized.


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Bible Meditation


This is called Christian meditation by some. I’m calling it Bible Meditation to contrast from other kinds of meditation (such as that practiced in Asia where emptying of one’s mind is the focus). Jesus warned us to fill ourselves with Him, otherwise the Enemy will step in and fill the void. To work on a Scripture text through repetition as though I were trying to memorize it is an simple form of meditation. In doing such, I have slowed down, and am dwelling carefully and intentionally on God’s word. I find that slowing copying a Bible text in my prayer journal is especially helpful to focus my attention on God and His message for me.

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