“Holy Reading”

Here is an excerpt from my thoughts on some spiritual disciplines from the revised and expanded A Fresh Start Toward Renewal.

lewis-shelfHoly Reading

I’m borrowing this title from C. S. Lewis who referred to “holy reading” in Mere Christianity. Indeed, to read that modern classic would be a great example of holy reading. Well-chosen books about the Christian life are often helpful to the follower of Jesus. But all are not helpful. We would be wise to seek the counsel of those who have read more and for a longer period of time (this is where guidance can be important). The disciple of Jesus should never replace the regular reading of Scripture with books about the Bible. It is also noteworthy that Lewis advised that 1/3 of our reading should be at least 100 years old. He didn’t want us to be caught up solely in the passing fancies of contemporary writers. There are many genres of holy reading. I suggest seeking a balance from: biography, books about the Bible (surveys, introductions and commentaries) and topical (this book is an example of the later). To supplement our reading diet with C. S. Lewis will never hurt anyone. Please remember that reading books about the Bible should not replace reading the Bible itself.


More about the book soon.

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