The Reformers on Prayer

I love to sit and watch and listen to the waves. The noise of the wind, the sound of the surf, the beauty of the sea and sky and shore all soothe my soul. Visits to the ocean are helpful to me, I enjoy them again and again.

There are several chapters of books, quotes, sermons, etc. that are ‘go to’ resources for me. I like to return to them again and again. For example: Mere Christianity, Keller’s book Prayer chapters 2 and 14, Schaeffer ‘s How Should We Then Live, F. F. Bruce’s Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free, then very recently Curt Thompson’s Anatomy of the Soul chapter’s 4&5, any of Piper’s biography messages and Joel Beeke’s message on prayer at Piper’s annual conference a few years back. I’ve had it on my phone for a number of years now and have listened to it again and again. I thought of it this morning in a conversation about Thompson chapter 4 (you should be reading this book).

While discussing Thompson’s idea about paying attention, I thought about Beeke’s “praying into our prayers.” This audio message on prayer continues to inform and exhort me. I recommend it to you. His basis for the sermon is the testimony of the Reformers, it’s timely to revisit with all the Reformation 500th anniversary info. CLICK HERE. (Broken link is now fixed – sorry) OH YEAH, Just because he addresses pastors, its not just for that group – – – Priesthood of all believers! <<Advance to the 12:30 mark to skip the preliminaries.>>

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