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a new YouVersion feature might turn out to be very helpful

In As We’re Going I urge that fellow disciples need to meet regularly and the disciple making conversation should be centered on Scripture.

YouVersion just put out an update that could be really helpful to that process. If you’re using YouVersion, the new update allows you and your YouVersion friends to read the same plan and have a conversation about it. (You must have YouVersion friends to use this feature.) Now, it’s brand new so there’s no way to find out than to test it. I plan to, and if it does work, and if it is helpful, I’ll get back to you. Meanwhile, if you’re on YouVersion, check this new feature out and give it a try. This might even turn out to be an important feature in disciple making.

Read the YouVersion blog post.

Here’s a screenshot of their instructions:

Give it a try!

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