Thoughts of praise…

Siting in rainy Zagreb (pic is from sunny Zagreb) in solitude (much needed after the last 7 days I might add), I have been encouraged through soaking up extra Scripture as part of my sabbath (aka day off).

I’m reminded of how great God is. I’m reminded how trustworthy is His sovereign hand.

These reminders come as I sit with my Heavenly Father and dwell on His excellent word.

As I look back, as I see how He orchestrated events beyond my ability to predict, I sit amazed at Him, His greatness and His love.

Love that is steady, because His love does not waiver based on circumstances or reciprocal love. His love is without manipulation or self serving. He loves.

These I know from His word and from my experience of Him.

How great is God, the Father, Son and Spirit.

Thanks be to God!

He is steady like the waves… we can rely on Him!

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