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seeking balance in understanding God, Scripture and theology.

Seeking balance in understanding God, Scripture and theology is important. In his book on the big ideas from the Reformation, Kevin Vanhoozer rightly asserts that: “The Reformers had Rome to the right of them and enthusiasts to the left of them; they therefore had to hammer out their understanding of Scripture’s authority against those who exaggerated human tradition, on the one hand, and those who exaggerated the immediate revelations of the Spirit, on the other.” (Kindle loc 3183)

For those of us who seek to know God relationally through Scripture, the infallible Word of God, and who also affirm the gifts, this is an important balance to maintain. 

Whether we have biblical ignorance, knowledge or understanding will determine our ability to discern the validity of counsel. That includes the instance where some tells us that “the Lord wants you to know that…” For if we have not a Growing understanding of Scripture, we are subject to be guided by counsel that may not actually be from God, though our friend is well meaning. 

A prophetic gift is such only as much as it agrees with Scripture and gives glory to God.

Thus, our growing understanding of Scripture is paramount, our theology is paramount (and yes we all have a theology) as we seek to deepen our relationship with God.

Like in the time of the reformers, an imbalance in these creates confusion, error and can lead to idolatry.

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