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Worth 12 minutes of your time… 

This is a thought provoking video from the Skit Guys. 

I was challenged by it last Saturday on a retreat with guys from my church in Charlottesville.

It is really worth your time. 

Click here and take twelve.

Dusk at Skylark as we prepared for communion on the mountain.

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books to read on the question of disciple making (fulfilling a long overdue promise)

A month ago I promised some folks that I’d put my bibliography on the blog for their reference. These folks were at the disciple making seminar in Budapest that was hosted at this awesome Bible college:

I promised the bibliography in response to great questions about the books I read as I did my research.

So, I promised the bibliography would be posted the first week of April but now I’m posting it the first week of May. Oh well.

Based on my opinion, I’ve quickly noted three types of books: * helpful to topic; ** especially helpful to topic and me; *** must reads.

Click here to view the Google doc.

Many apologies that this is SO late.

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