7 helpful questions

In meeting with fellow disciples, the following 7 questions are often helpful.

About life:

1. What are you thankful for today?

2. What are you struggling with lately? -or- What is causing stress in your life?

Read the passage several time aloud, slowly so that each person reads it aloud. Read it enough time that each persona grasps it. Don’t teach it, as such, but let the scripture teach itself to you through slow repetition. About the Scripture text you’ve read:

3.  What does the text teach us about God and/or His character?

4. What does the text teach us about humanity? What are we really like?

5. How does it apply to me? or What does God need to change IN ME? or “I will…”

6. What should we do together to obey this message from God?

7. Who could you share this story with?

It should be duly noted that these questions are NOT original to me. I learned them from several independent sources. These 7 are an adaptation from what is know as the Disciple Making Movement. It truly is a movement with no head. I tried to find a real original source once to cite, but to no avail. Hence, this blurb of credit to that unknown source.

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